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Myths About Locksmithing

All Locksmiths Offer The Same Services
A locksmith does more than just cut keys or help you when you get locked out. A professional locksmith can provide a range of services, both in the home and your business.They will provide Complete Locksmith Services, including lock and hardware sales and installation, lockout service, and expert security advice. They can also add locks to doors and windows, and even secure external doors and garages.They can also provide you with a variety of safe and vault services, including properly moving your safe, combination changes, and repair services.A professional locksmith can also install an access control system in your home or business to give you complete control over when and who has access to your building.

All Locksmiths Are Licensed, So They Are Honest
There are many locksmiths out there who claim to be professionals but aren’t actually licensed. Although they may be able to provide the services you need, it’s possible that the job is going to be low quality or not up to standards required by the state. It’s important to check for licensing before you actually hire the locksmith.

All Locksmiths Guarantee Their Work

Another misconception is that locksmiths guarantee their work. However, this is not always the case. Some professionals don’t offer a warranty on the work they provide. If you want the work to be guaranteed, you will have to locate find a locksmith who will provide a warranty for their services.

They Keep A Copy Of Your Key

Some people believe locksmiths carry a copy of your key when you ask them to make spares. This is entirely untrue.  A Locksmiths profession is to supply you with a key, they aren’t out to have access to your home, office or car. When you give them a key to copy, they simply start tracing its pattern to a blank key and then once they are done, you get two keys back. They can’t make another copy at the same time and you can even watch them copy it.

The Only time I’ll Need A Locksmith Is When I’m Locked Out

Locksmiths are a great resource for many other security issues. A locksmith can make your keys operate smoothly, a locksmith can master key all your rental properties, and a locksmith can install new locks. From commercial to residential, to safes to autos, locksmiths are well trained in their field. They can usually offer better pricing than automotive dealerships and sometimes better than hardware stores. Consider a locksmith if you’re upgrading your door hardware. They can offer great advice.

Locksmithing Is Easy

The responsibilities, extensive training, and hours worked are some of the reasons you may pay more than you expect for a locksmith. High stress situations are the norm. That and the potential to be called 24 hours a day while still required to be efficient is tough. It takes a dedicated and passionate locksmith to stick to it with a good attitude.

Locksmiths Only Work Out Of A Truck

It’s a common misconception that locksmiths only work out of their vehicles and don’t have a store to return to. This is not the case - professional locksmiths will work for a locksmith company that has a store location.

Actually, a locksmith does more than just cut keys or help you when you get locked out. A professional locksmith can provide a range of services, both in the home and at your commercial premises.

They can replace the existing locks in your home or install new locks when you need an upgrade to your security. They can also add locks to doors and windows, and even secure external gates and garages.A professional locksmith can also install an access control system at your business premises, to give you complete control over who, when and what staff and visitors have access to within your building.

What You Can Do

Find a locksmith you can trust before you need one

  • Where are you located?
  • Do you have a storefront?
  • How will you get into the vehicle?
  • Can you tell me the exact process?
  • Do you re-key or just replace locks?
  • Can you give me an estimate? What factors will cause this price to change?
  • Do you require cash, or can I pay with a check or credit card?
  • What’s the name of the locksmith who will be coming?
  • Will the locksmith have company identification?
  • Will they come in a company marked vehicle.

Why Carl Jarl Group?

Carl Jarl Group offers products and services to make your home safe and secure. From copying keys to installing safes, we take care of you and your family with quality products and friendly service. Your Security is our top priority.

We have been providing full service locksmith, and security services to the Omaha community since 1892, and are the #1 choice for your security needs. We realize that trust, honesty and quality service build long lasting relationships. We take our responsibility seriously and understand that security issues are very personal. Your Security is our Business.

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