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Priceless Reasons To Own A Home Safe


Carl Jarl Group - Our Promise to You

Convenience – Peace of Mind – Protection                        

There are few things that can keep your valuable paperwork and possessions more secure than a safe.

Priceless Reasons To Own A Home Safe

  • Safekeeping jewelry & small items from theft  
  • Preventing loss of important documents from fire  
  • Securing your checkbooks & extra cash at home  
  • Locking away hunting equipment  
  • Preventing theft by acquaintances and hired help  
  • Protecting sentimental photos from fire  
  • Keeping children & their friends away from dangerous prescriptions

Professional Safe Services

  • New combinations for existing safes  
  • New safe installations  
  • Vault doors  
  • Safe openings  
  • Safe relocation  
  • Master key systems and high-security locks  
  • File cabinet and desk lock repairs or re-keying  
  • Electronic keypads  
  • Key-less entry  
  • Access control systems

  Safe Sales & Installation

We install residential burglary and fire protection safes to meet the various security needs of homeowners. Burglary and fire safes are our most popular security safes for home use.

Safe Opening

We can help in cases where you are locked out of the safe, as well as re-keying if necessary. If you have a broken lock or need to adjust the combination, we can assist with that too. Many modern safes have built in fail-safe mechanisms designed to prevent tampering or unlawful entry. Our expert level safe technicians can safely recover your personal belongings from any type of safe.

Safe Repair

In addition to repairing safes, we can change the combination, re-key the lock, and get you into your safe if you have forgotten the combination or lost the key. Using the latest in technology, we can repair or get you into your safe without damaging the lock, the safe, or the contents inside.


When thieves run into a high quality safe they usually leave without taking a thing. They know they do not have enough time nor expertise to get in.

Always use the services of a trusted local Locksmith/Home Security Company. Carl Jarl Group offers products and services to make your home safe and secure. Your Security is our top priority.

  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured
  • We provide immediate response
  • We have a 24 hour locksmith dispatch center
  • All our employees are background checked, wear uniforms, and arrive in our own identifiable service vehicles
  • Choose experience and peace of mind. Carl Jarl Group’s prompt and dependable Locksmith service is just a phone call away!

Our Promise to You- Convenience – Peace of Mind – Protection                        

When you need a fire safe, a burglary safe, a wall safe, a floor safe, a safe to store your hunting equipment or a specific safe to protect your data, we can help. Whatever type of safe you need; with a few quick questions we can guide you to the safe that best meets your needs and your budget. Call today 402-393-7800 or contact Carl Jarl Group here.

One Company For All Your Auto, Home, and Business Security Needs

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Auto Locksmith Tips

 What is a Chip Key?

Almost every car comes with a transponder key today. Almost all new cars on the road today come with some type of transponder key.  These transponder chips were designed specifically to prevent individuals from forcing the lock, using shaved keys, and using keys that were duplicated without owner authorization.

A Transponder Chip disarms a vehicle immobilizer when the car key is used to start the engine. The majority of keys to cars built after 1995 contain transponder chips.

When the car key is turned in the ignition, the engine control unit (ECU) on the car sends an electronic message to the key, and it will allow the car to start only provided it receives the correct message back. So, even for a simple car key without any buttons, the key must be cut correctly to turn the locks, and also programmed correctly to disarm the immobilizer. Car keys with chips can be programmed using special programmers.


Transponder Keys are different from automotive remotes that are used to unlock and lock your vehicle; some transponder keys are built inside of your keys (in a component called remote key heads) while others are placed separately.

A Proximity Key is a small fob that allows for a key-less entry and ignition system. The fob communicates via radio waves with your car to lock and unlock doors and start the engine when within the acceptable range.

Modern vehicle doors and trunks still operate with standard locking mechanisms, however. You do not need a transponder key to access the interior of a vehicle or the trunk. If you are concerned about being locked out of your cars, take your keys to a locksmith and have him or her cut new keys that will enable access to the car, but not the ignition.

If you want to copy your transponder key, Carl Jarl Group’s Locksmiths can use specialized equipment to clone an existing key for your vehicle. Some car brands  don’t require specialized equipment to program keys and they can be programmed with an OBP (on-board programming) process by the vehicle’s owners – all they need to have is the instructions included in the car manual as well as two existing, pre-programmed, not copied keys.

Carl Jarl Group Locksmiths are trained extensively in the auto locksmith field and have years of professional experience. We use the highest quality locksmith tools available, so you’ll get the best possible service. After all, your car is important to you – and it deserves the utmost care and respect.

Our Promise to You- Convenience – Peace of Mind – Protection                        

No matter where you are around the Omaha area, no one is closer than Carl Jarl Auto Locksmith – which is especially important when you lock your keys in your vehicle. Our emergency locksmith services are available 24 hours a day, so you can expect fast service when you need it most. Call

1-888-KEYS LOST or 402-393-7800

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