What are Building Security Examples of Access Control?

As a business owner, securing both your building and your employees should be a top priority. Building access control allows you to secure both at the same time. Why? Because it enables you to determine who can and can’t gain access to your building. When you have an access control system in place, only approved individuals who have been granted access will be able to enter the building. This significantly reduces the risk of intrusion, thereby protecting your business assets, and most importantly, protecting your employees. No matter the size of your business, the industry you’re in, or the type of building you operate out of, security is important. Read on to learn more about access control, including examples that you can implement to protect your employees and office building.

What are Building Security Examples of Access Control?

How Access Control Works

Before exploring examples of access control systems, you first need to know how access control works. While there are different types of systems and though each one may function a bit differently, the basic function and mechanism of action are pretty much the same:

Electronic Readers

All of the doors and any other access points to your building will be outfitted with electronic readers. There are different types of electronic readers:

  • Touch-point systems – those who have been granted access touch a card to the reader
  • Swipe systems – those who have been cleared for access swipe a card they’ve been provided in the reader.

Software to Allow or Deny Access

The software within the reader will assess the information an individual has provided and will determine whether to allow or deny access. Those who enter and exit each access point will be tracked via internal software within the electronic readers.

Examples of Building Access Control Systems

Now that you know the basics of how building access control works, let’s take a look at a few examples and how you can implement them in your commercial building.


With rule-based access control systems, a collection of pre-set rules are used to grant entry into a building or a certain part of a building; a store room or an office, for example. Rules-based access control systems offer flexibility, as the specific rules and access permissions can be customized. Additionally, they’re an effective way to enforce control and accountability.


With role-based access control systems, a role is assigned to each individual who is permitted access to a building or a particular part of a building. The system then assesses the roles to grant or deny entry.

For instance, you may want a manager to have unrestricted access to all parts of your business, while you may want to limit an associate’s access to specific locations. A role-based access control system will allow specific individuals to enter the areas that you have permitted.


With this type of access control system, end users have total control over those who they deem fit to gain entry to a building or specific areas in real time. A discretionary access control system uses a standard operation system, such as Linux or Windows.

While the end-user having total control can be beneficial as they can restrict access to anyone, the downside is that the end-user can also grant physical access to anyone at any time. As such, this type of system may not be ideal for facilities that require a high degree of security.

What Kind of Access Control Do You Need?

An access control system can secure your business and employees. A reputable security company will be able to assist you with choosing an access control system for your unique needs.

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