Create Peace of Mind with a Home Vault

The most famous, if not the largest, vault door order came from the Federal government in 1935 for the newly constructed gold depository at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Both the vault door and emergency door were 21-inches thick and made of the latest torch- and drill-resistant material. The main home vault door weighed 20 tons and the vault casing was 25-inches thick.

Create Peace of Mind with a Home Vault

While we agree this would be overkill for most homeowners, Carl Jarl Locksmiths in Omaha will design and install a home vault door that meets your personal needs and improves your home safety. A home vault room in your basement, garage, or master bedroom will give enough secure storage for any collection including

  • guns
  • personal heirlooms
  • business and family records
  • jewelry
  • photographs
  • artwork

Heavy, fire-protected, steel doors can be set in a pre-formed concrete or cement block opening. A security room with an inside release mechanism system will offer safety for your family as well as protection for your valuables. Turn a closet or small room into a multi-use protective area.

  • safe or panic room
  • home vault and storage room
  • storm shelter
  • secure data storage rooms

Vault Room Door

Vault rooms make perfect safe rooms in the event of a home invasion. A secure, reinforced, well-stocked vault room where individuals can go to avoid the risks and potential dangers that may arise in other parts of a home will help keep you and your family members feeling safe.

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