Do I Need to Change the Locks After Losing my Keys?

Studies revealed that your average person loses or misplaces about nine things every day. House keys are among the most common things to lose. Momentary anxiety accompanied by a frantic search party ends in a sigh of relief. “Ah,” you think. “That’s where my keys were.” (That’s right! Just where you left them!) Lost house keys don’t always turn up, however. Do you need to change the locks after losing your keys and realizing they’re gone forever?

Do I Need to Change the Locks After Losing my Keys?

Whether or not you should change your locks after losing your keys will depend on the circumstances in which you lost your keys, as well as your personal approach to safety. Let’s examine the most frequently-encountered scenarios.

1. Your Keys Were Stolen

Someone swiped your entire handbag or backpack, broke into your car and stole your house keys, or took them from a gym locker. If you’re sure your keys were stolen, you need to change the locks for the security of your home and your family. A criminal who is willing to steal your personal belongings may also be willing to burglarize your home. How sure are you that the thief didn’t follow you home, or that the other belongings stolen alongside your keys didn’t contain your home address?

Call a professional locksmith and have them change or rekey your locks immediately.

2. You Lost Your Keys — And Only Your Keys

You have a pretty good idea of how it happened. Most likely, you stuffed your keys into your pocket to run a quick errand, and they slipped out (never to be seen again), or you mindlessly left them on a shelf somewhere.

If you’re absolutely sure that you just lost your keys, there’s less of a risk that someone has the intention to access your home. More than likely, the person who finds the keys won’t have any clue what home they belong to and surely won’t try every home in the area to see if the keys will unlock it.

In this case, you can have your locks changed, but it’s not terrible if you don’t. If you do, do it for your own peace of mind.

3. You Misplaced Your Bag and Your Keys Were in It

Misplacing a bag with your keys in it is another common scenario. You might have left your bag at the airport as you were rushing, or you might have left it at your seat while grabbing a coffee from the counter at Starbucks only to find it gone. Misplacing your bag is a big problem because your home address can often be found somewhere in it.

This scenario ends in one of two possible ways. Bags that were left behind might be stolen, never to be seen again, or they might be returned. The person who finds your bag could rummage through it to find identifying information, get in touch, and return your belongings. However, there’s a possibility that someone could have had a copy of the key made, even if you get the original key back.

As a result, in this case, it’s best to rekey or replace your locks.

4. You Have No Idea How You Lost Your Keys

This is another common scenario. Keep looking for your keys because you’ll likely find them. However, consider changing the locks if your search is fruitless!

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