Does Adding a Security System Increase Home Value?

Security is an increasingly necessary feature in and around your home. Prevention is better than cure and a home security system can act as a deterrent. This is especially true if you install a home security system with cameras that are obvious. While a security system will add value to your home, that is a secondary reason for installing a home security camera system. The primary purpose of a security system is to protect your family, assets, and property.

Does Adding a Security System Increase Home Value?

In most neighborhoods, neighbors will work together to secure their community. Safe communities are desirable for home buyers and offer a major selling point. That is part of the reason why installing a security system can increase the value of a home. Some real estate agents believe the value that security systems add to a home is in the region of twice what the security system costs to install.

Prison vs Home

Personal preference and, unfortunately for some, a matter of experience will determine what type of security system is right for your home. The main challenge is how to make a home secure without turning it into a prison for those that live there. A home security system should be easy to use and convenient. Therefore, departmentalized or zoned alarms with a central control should suffice. It should only be necessary to press three or four buttons to get in and out of the house. Late-night party goers should be able to get in without waking the whole family. Wandering dogs and cats should also be free to do their thing without triggering external lights or beams.

A nice feature to ensure your security system has is panic buttons in different rooms. Alarms linked to rapid response should be advertised, perhaps by a notice in a window. Security system signs are great to place in your yard as well to act as a deterrent. An alarm system with light indicators located where they are highly visible will give returning family members a warning when they pull up. Placing lights, as well as surveillance cameras in strategic locations, will also alert criminals to the fact that there is an alarm system – criminals know where to look. All of these security measures are well within reason.

The Yard

Areas around the front and back doors should be well-lit with bright lights. You can install lights that activate from a sensor or from a traditional light switch. This is true for the garage as well. Motion-sensitive lights for your yard are also a good idea. You can even program the lights to ensure small animals do not set them off.

Ask Your Insurer

A good idea would be to consult your home insurance company on their requirements. Furthermore, a security system can secure discounts or lower co-pays on homeowner’s insurance, depending on the nature of the system. If the home security system can connect to mobile devices, it can also save you money.

Additional Information: How To Shop for a Home Security System and Avoid Scams – Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Consumer Advice

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