Home Security Tips When You’re on Vacation

Are you going away for the weekend? Or perhaps you’re gone for a week on that cruise of a lifetime? Whatever the reason might be for leaving your home, the real question is, “What are you doing to protect your home while you’re on vacation?” Here are seven security tips to keep your home safe while you’re on vacation and not around to safeguard your property.

7 Home Security Tips When You’re on Vacation

#1 Mow the Lawn Before You Go

People driving around neighborhoods notice things like unkempt grass. If they can see into your yard, and the grass hasn’t been cut in a few weeks, they can assume people aren’t home.

Cut the grass the day before you leave. It puts up the façade of being at home if criminals take a pass-by glance at your property.

#2 Tell Your Neighbors You’re Away

Some people live in friendly neighborhoods, and others live in areas where your neighbors might be the ones who robbed you while you were away. Let’s assume you live in the former rather than the latter.

If you trust them, tell a neighbor or two you’re away and ask them to watch over things around your house. Most of the time, a friend or neighbor will happily oblige. Some might even commit to house-sitting for you or feeding pets.

#3 Post on Social Media When You Get Back

Don’t start posting to the Gram the moment you arrive at the airport to hop on your flight out of town.

Your geolocation tags, hashtags, and visual location confirmation are available to anyone looking at your posts. It’s like waving a flag saying, “Go rob my home while I’m away.”

Save the posts for when you get back from holiday. Remember to tell your followers you’re back after posting, or people might assume you’re still away and break in while you’re at home.

#4 Buy Smart Security Lights

Light up your yard with outdoor security lights. Lights scare away people that prefer hiding in the dark. Attach the lights to a timer system to activate after dark and turn off in the morning. Or, save on electricity and create a more surprising effect for would-be criminals with motion-activated security lights.

#5 Invest in a Home Security System

Install security cameras to cover the yard, outdoor areas, and specific rooms indoors in any configuration. Also, fit contacts to windows where people might see a break-in point. Home security systems come in many options and at many price points. These systems can secure your entire property while you’re home and away.

#6 Sign Up for an Armed Response Company

Link your newly installed security system to the call center for an armed response company covering your area. You’ll need to take a monthly subscription to receive ongoing coverage, however, it is worth the cost in case of an emergency. Look at the cost of 24/7 home monitoring services that operate in your area and ask your neighbors for referrals.

#7 Don’t Stash a Key – Leave it with Someone You Trust

Don’t leave a stash key behind while you’re away long-term. If people come snooping around, they’ll check all the hiding spots, even the ones you thought they would never find. Instead, leave the key with a trusted neighbor or family friend.

Protect Against Break-Ins: Home Security System

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