How Can I Make My Rental Property More Secure? 

As a landlord, you are responsible for the security of your tenants. Ensuring the security of your rental property is not just for the safety of the tenants, but for the safety of your asset as well. A rental property that does not have proper security measures will more than likely not be considered by individuals looking for a place to rent. Not only will a more secure rental property bring peace of mind, but will also contribute to a higher nightly or monthly rate paid by tenants due to the level of safety. There are a few easy steps that rental property owners and property managers can take to make a rental property more secure.

How Can I Make My Rental Property More Secure?

Look At Upgrading External Doors

The first step you should take to make your rental property more secure is replacing the external doors. External doors are important because they offer main access to the property. All external doors should be of good quality and strong enough to withstand extreme amounts of force to avoid break-ins. External doors should also have anti-snap locks to further increase the security of the property.

Evaluate the Security of The Windows

The other main areas of access to the property are the ground floor windows. Windows on the main floor can be easily broken into by unwanted individuals. You can look at installing burglar/security bars on the outside or inside of the windows. Although they are not the most visually appealing, bars prevent someone from being able to fit through the space and gain access to the property. Sturdy locks should also be installed on the windows so that the tenants can secure the property when they are sleeping or not at home.

Use Advanced Lock Technology

Some landlords have gone completely keyless and instead choose to install mechanical locks that tenants can open and close using of a key fob or even a smartphone. Smart locks make it harder for unwanted individuals to gain access to the property as they cannot break or pick the door locks. Although smart locks are a more costly option initially, they will increase the property’s overall level of security.

Install Security Cameras

A great way to deter any unwanted individuals is by installing security cameras around the property. Criminals do not want to be seen as it makes it easier for the local police to find them. Therefore, when criminals see security cameras outside a property, they will be driven away. The best areas to put security cameras are by external doors as well as garden/backyard areas. You might also consider installing security cameras that cover easily accessible windows.

Install an Alarm System

Alarms are also a good investment as the noise will scare any criminal away should they open a door after the alarm has been set. Motion sensor alarms can also be set by the tenants at the necessary time. If there is unwarranted access to the property, then the alarm will go off. The alarm system will be triggered by the sensors which are carefully placed around the property.

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