How Do I Get a Spare Key for My Car?

If you’ve made it this far, chances are you’ve probably been looking everywhere for your car keys and have now given up. The next step now is to find an affordable way to find a spare key for your car. Below you will find a quick guide to get you started on where to look for replacement car keys.

How Do I Get a Spare Key for My Car?

Local Auto Locksmith

Calling a local auto locksmith is usually the least costly option. An auto locksmith will have all the equipment to replace all types of keys and for most vehicle manufacturers’ models as well. For example, some garages charge a fee just to use their diagnostic software which is used to program car keys.

As most automotive locksmiths offer a 24 hours a day mobile service (they can visit you) and are specialists in vehicle keys and locks. A locksmith will be the quickest solution. Certain auto locksmiths carry key programming equipment worth well over $100,000, thus they will be able to replace keys for nearly all models and makes of cars. Oftentimes, well stocked with equipment and car key blanks, they can generally solve your issue in one visit and can also delete old keys so they no longer work (transponder-type keys).

An auto locksmith can assist if you are locked out of your car, as well as assist you with the following:

  • Replace lost or stolen keys, even if you do not have the original key.
  • Cut and copy vehicle keys – provide a spare key.
  • Program remote car key fobs.
  • Open cars – Open locked vehicles (e.g. if keys are locked inside)
  • Repair damaged and broken keys.

Car Insurance Provider

Contacting your car insurance provider can be very expensive. In some cases, car keys are not covered by insurance companies. Keep in mind that each insurance company will have its terms and conditions.

Franchised Car Dealership

Going to your vehicle dealership may be the most costly option and could take the longest, unlike an auto locksmith. The car dealer will not automatically have all the special equipment and won’t be able to meet you wherever you’re stuck. Because the dealership might have to order the new key, it will mean a length of time will pass before you have your key.

Local Garage

This option could be an expensive option, due to most garages charging customers to use the diagnostic equipment. Furthermore, garages may not have the specialist key coding equipment on-site that a local auto locksmith will have.

Important Information Needed

To make the whole process of obtaining a spare or replacement car key less time-consuming it is important to keep certain information on hand. Key codes are the most important piece of information to know when ordering a spare key. Simply put, the lock manufacturer supplies a key code that specifies which key will open the lock. The key code stipulates both which blank to use and how to cut it. A key that is cut to code meets the original factory stipulations and has no wear.

Finding the key code

Often the key code is in the vehicle manual or on a label with the lock or key. If it is on the actual key, it would be engraved or hewn in code. A code that contains raised lettering is not a key code but is the key blank number.

Key codes are also found on the original vehicle invoice to the dealership. There is a small white bar-code tag sent with most new vehicles that similarly have the key code printed on it. Another place the key code can be found is on a metal plate in the glove compartment, or elsewhere in the car.

With this said, may you always have safe travels and readily found keys.

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