How Do Locksmiths Open Car Doors?

Many may agree that locking yourself out of your own car or losing your keys can send your day into a spiral almost immediately. No need to fret though! This is why auto locksmiths exist. Not to mention, they are more than happy to save the day. However, you might be wondering, how does a locksmith open car doors without damaging your vehicle? Gone are the days where we pulled out the old wire hanger. Let’s go over the ways that these ninjas can unlock your car for you.

How Do Locksmiths Open Car Doors?

Keyless Entry Systems

Thankfully, because of modern technology, many cars have been blessed with keyless entry systems. An experienced locksmith will reprogram your system and accomplish this with no damage done to the car. Hallelujah!

Immobilizer Re-Flashing

If you don’t know what an immobilizer is, it’s essentially a theft deterrent. While it’s a great benefit to have if you have a thief trying to get away with your car, if there’s a defect in it, the car won’t start even with a key. However, an experienced locksmith will know how to fix this situation and get you rolling ASAP.

Broken Key Extractor

If you’re in the scenario where your key broke off inside the lock, it may feel like all hope is lost. Luckily, broken key extractors exist. A locksmith will come prepared with one to remove whatever’s left in your lock. At last, they will then make a new key to unlock the vehicle. A clip removal tool may also come in handy. It will take out the retainer clip that keeps the handle secured to the door.

Key Analyzers

Again, if you have a keyless entry, this is another way to go. A key analyzer can be used to examine the electrical resistance values. Lastly, a key cutter is used to make a new key without needing the aid of the original one. Basically, we’ve come a long way with our keyless technology!

Tools Like Slim Jim

No, I’m not talking about the beef jerky stick. Although that would be a sight to see. A slim jim is a tool that every auto locksmith should be well versed in. It is inserted between the glass and the weather stripping of the window. It requires extensive knowledge, skill, and training so please do not attempt on your own. In fact, it is important to understand that using a slim jim improperly has the potential to damage airbags and electrical systems. This is most likely the last thing you want after a day of locking yourself out of your car.

J and L tools

If you have an older car and have not yet been blessed with a keyless system, your locksmith may use this as an option. It’s similar to the wire hanger method. Unlocking a door can be a challenge if your lock buttons are on the inner panel of the door. However, the J tool will come in handy here. The tool is used by reaching through the top of the window. It will lift the unlock button and set the door free. The L tool is a similar tool but used more for specific models and designs. Your locksmith will determine which tool will work best for the particular setup of your vehicle.

The Wedge

If the tools fail, it may be time to wedge. The wedge method involves something that looks like a doorstop made out of metal or vinyl. It will open the window slightly in order to activate the unlock button. There are even wedges that are inflatable and are pumped up once they’re in place. This ensures no damage is being done.

Don’t panic!

Our initial gut reaction to locking ourselves out of our cars is to go into a straight panic. However, with modern technology, there is a multitude of ways that locksmiths can open your car doors. No matter what kind of car you have (old or new), there is a solution. Whether it’s reprogramming your keyless entry system, fixing your immobilizer, extracting a broken key and creating a new one, using a key analyzer, or relying on tools like the slim jim, J, or L tool, your auto locksmith will know what to do when they arrive. Give Carl Jarl Locksmiths a call and you’ll be back on the road in no time. Pro-tip: Save our phone number 402-393-7800 in your phone, your spouse’s phone, and your children’s phone so you don’t have to search for it when you’re in need! 

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