How To Avoid Package Theft

While online shopping undeniably offers convenience, having packages delivered directly to your front door comes with a downside: theft. Sadly, thieves are often on the lookout for boxes, bags, and other packages. They profile neighborhoods and target houses that receive packages regularly and target them for package theft.

In today’s world, where you can have nearly anything delivered to your door, porch pirates may target your home, making you the unfortunate victim of package theft. This could result in a loss of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars due to stolen packages containing items ranging from clothing and workout equipment to electronics.

How To Avoid Package Theft

Fortunately, there are things that you can do to safeguard deliveries and minimize the risk of your packages being stolen. In today’s world of online shopping and quick deliveries from the likes of the postal service or Amazon, package theft, often perpetrated by porch pirates, has become a concerning issue. These modern-day bandits snatch packages left on doorsteps, particularly during the holiday seasons when deliveries are at their peak. Fortunately, there are several simple and effective steps you can take to safeguard your deliveries and deter package thieves.

Below, we’ll take a look at some strategies that you can implement to keep your packages – and your home – well-protected from porch pirates.

Select A Safe Delivery Location

Consider providing specific delivery instructions to the delivery person, asking them to place the package in a more discreet location or with a trusted neighbor. Most delivery companies allow you to customize your delivery preferences, helping to reduce the visibility of packages from the street and potential package theft.

  • Lockers or package receiving services: Package lockers or services, such as UPS Access Point and Amazon Locker, are great options to make use of. They offer secure locations that will prevent your packages out of the sight of prying eyes until you can pick them up.
  • Collaborate with neighbors: If you’re friendly with your neighbors and you trust them, ask if you can work together to create a package pick-up strategy. For example, you could arrange to have packages delivered to their homes when you’re out, and you could reciprocate by having their packages delivered to your home when they’re out.

Keep Tabs On Your Deliveries

Taking advantage of package tracking is another essential tactic in package theft prevention. Stay informed about the status of your delivery and plan to be at home or have a trusted individual available to receive the package when it arrives. By being proactive and employing these preventive measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to porch pirates and ensure a safe and secure delivery process.

  • Tracking apps: Most delivery services offer tracking apps or other online tools that provide real-time package delivery updates. Use these tools to your advantage.
  • Set up notifications: Set up delivery notifications via text message or email. When the delivery person drops off a package at your door, you receive an automatic notification, allowing you to swiftly retrieve it.

Schedule Deliveries

When it comes to preventing package theft, timing is crucial.

  • Coordinate deliveries: If at all possible, schedule deliveries of packages for dates and times when you or someone you trust will be able to receive them. Several delivery services offer flexible options and can accommodate your schedule.
  • Signature confirmation: Opt for packaging options that necessitate signatures upon delivery. By opting for packaging options that demand a signature upon delivery, you ensure that your packages are never left unattended, significantly enhancing their security.

Secure Delivery Locations

Finally, you can take the time to secure the locations where packages will be delivered to deter theft.

  • Install security cameras: Install security cameras around the location where your packages will be delivered, such as your front porch or stoop. Make sure the video doorbell or other security cameras are visible so that they deter thieves from approaching.
  • Utilize a secure mailbox: If packages will be delivered to a mailbox, make sure that it is secure. Upgrade to a mailbox that is equipped with a lock to secure your deliveries.

    Protecting Your Deliveries From Porch Pirates

    One of the most effective methods to deter porch piracy is to install a doorbell camera or a security camera near your doorstep. These cameras act as a powerful deterrent, making package thieves think twice before attempting to snatch a package. They also provide valuable evidence to identify and catch package thieves if a theft does occur.

    In the age of online shopping, the rise of porch piracy threatens the safety of delivered packages. Porch pirates, snatch packages left unattended at doorsteps, potentially costing victims hundreds to thousands of dollars in stolen goods. To mitigate this risk, employing preventive measures listed in this article is crucial.

    Installing doorbell cameras, and security systems, selecting packaging that requires signatures upon delivery, and closely monitoring package tracking can significantly deter package theft. By being proactive and mindful of these strategies, you can protect your packages, and maintain the security of your deliveries, especially during the bustling holiday seasons.

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