How To Vet A Locksmith

It’s always important to verify and check your locksmith before hiring them. If you don’t, it can mean anything from being charged too much to turning your home into an instant security risk. When you need a locksmith, it kind of goes without saying that you’d prefer them to know what they’re doing! Not sure how to check? Here’s how to vet a locksmith for the next time you need to hire a locksmith.

How To Vet A Locksmith

Need a local locksmith? 

Locksmiths can appear like they’re a dime a dozen. If you type the word locksmith into Google, you’re met with thousands of possible results for companies and people who claim they can open your locks.

What the same search results won’t tell you is the fact that many of these locksmiths aren’t registered or qualified. They just happen to show up on your Google search, and that doesn’t make them registered or experienced locksmiths.

What Happens When You Don’t?

Would you trust a surgeon who couldn’t manage to sew a button onto a shirt? Locksmiths are expected to be knowledgeable and professional. When they don’t have the necessary training, they could cost you more or even cause damage.

An unregistered locksmith is a potential danger to the safety and security of your home or car. Locksmiths operating under the radar cannot be deducted from insurance or tax. Furthermore, they often don’t know what they’re doing. Some even engage in criminal behavior, visiting locations more than once and emptying them out.

Don’t want to take that risk? It’s pretty simple. Vet your locksmith.

Confirm Their Website

Do their website details match up with their company registration information? If not, you might be looking at an unregistered or unsafe locksmith more interested in cash than good service.

Use WHOIS lookup services to confirm the registration details of a business website. Once you have these details, they can be checked against registered locksmiths. The same type of search can even reveal if they didn’t pay for their website domain.

Verify Their Credentials

States require locksmiths to be registered in the state in which they operate. It’s the same with many other professional careers, including doctors and lawyers. Have you found a person or company claiming to be a locksmith? It should be easy enough to verify this with your local state.

Always ask for their relevant registration details. If they are not willing to show this information, ask why. Verification takes just a couple of minutes, but it can save you hundreds in potential damages from hiring someone who wasn’t registered in the first place.

Contact Past Clients

Any professional who has been doing their job for a while should be able to point towards clients or customers that have been happy with their service. Ask if this information is not available on their website, or ask around and be referred to a professional someone was previously happy with.

Contacting past clients lays everything on the table. If a locksmith has a decent reputation for being able to do their jobs well, you’ll notice. If they don’t, this is also an effective way to see it.

Search Their Reviews

Reviews are revealing if you don’t have the time to contact previous customers of the locksmith. Search the company or person online – and make sure you’re checking reviews on several websites for a broader scope.

Why search with a broad-angle?

It might be easy to get fake reviews to one or two websites. It’s a lot harder to do it with ten or fifteen. Keep this in mind when looking up a locksmith’s previous customer reviews. 

Just a little time spent researching your locksmith can save you a lot of money. If you don’t want to be another locksmith horror story, make sure you vet your locksmith before hiring one.

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