Lost My Car Key Transponder

Back when car alarms were first introduced, they came with a separate key fob that had remote controls for the alarm on it. You could lock your car and arm the alarm with the simple click of a button on the remote. These days, remotes have even more features, allowing you to open and close doors, open the trunk, and even start the car with the buttons. You don’t even need a separate key fob anymore. These remote buttons can often be integrated into the plastic head of the car key itself so you don’t need to carry a bulky key fob in addition to your key.

What is a car key transponder?

A car transponder key is short for: transmitter + responder. These keys are becoming more common every year with automotive manufacturers. Nearly every vehicle made in the last 10 years is operated by a transponder key.

A security key system is embedded into most modern vehicle keys. A small chip rests on the vehicle’s key or under the plastic key cover. When any key is inserted into the ignition, the ignition is coded. The key sends its security code to the ignition, which also has its own security code, and if the security codes match, the vehicle will start when the key is turned. However, if the key codes don’t match, the vehicle won’t start when the key is turned.  Some security keys can be programmed by the user, though most of these keys have to be programmed by a dealer ship or locksmith via a computer. You can’t have these keys copied at any hardware store or auto parts store.When a transponder key is lost or needs replaced, many people will typically return to the dealer to have a duplicate or replacement made.

Laser Cut Keys – Also Known as Sidewinder Keys

Car keys have evolved in recent years with advances in laser key cutting technology and transponder key programming. Laser cut keys are really not cut by any laser, the name came from laser precision of a machine that actually called side winder. Unlike normal keys where the edges are ridged, a laser key has smooth edges and the grooves are embossed on the surface of the key.

Those who have been using laser keys would know that this type of key is sturdier and more durable than your average car key, but essentially more difficult to make copies of. If you’re concerned about your car’s security, laser keys are the way to go. Unfortunately, losing or breaking your Laser Cut keys can be a big problem because not all automotive locksmith services have the equipment or the capability to handle replacing this type of key. Carl Jarl Group offers affordable laser key cutting services for most makes and models of vehicles. Simply contact Carl Jarl Automotive Locksmith, provide them information about your vehicle, and a laser cutting technician will arrive at your location to provide fast and affordable replacement laser cut keys.

Additional Source: The High Cost of Car Key Replacement

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