Is it Worth Getting a Smart Lock?

Is it worth getting a smart lock system for your home, or is it just a fad that offers no additional benefit to homeowners? Smart lock systems are worth fitting to your home, offering an electronic setup that’s easy to control. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages associated with getting a smart lock system for your home and securing your home directly from your smart device.

Is it Worth Getting a Smart Lock?

Enhanced Remote Accessibility & Convenience

Smart locks provide your home with a greater degree of accessibility and convenience over conventional lock-and-key systems. You don’t need a physical key to unlock your door; everything happens through your device. One example of a mobile app used for smart locks is Lockly, which lets you lock, unlock, and monitor your door from your smartphone.

Open the app on your phone, and at the tap of a button, you can lock up and go, or enter your home. All without fumbling for your keychain. Smart locks are fully programmable, allowing you to control who has access to your property.

Access Control and Permissions

Grant temporary access codes for the neighbors to feed the dog while you’re on vacation and set permissions.  Smart locks are also great for granting access to Airbnb and VRBO rental properties. Additionally, you can revoke sharing access with a click of a button from your smart home device, even if you’re miles away from home. If your family arrives home without their device, you can pop the locks for them too.

Another key point to remember is that smart locks are battery-operated and work during a power failure. Note that many smart lock systems also provide a traditional key system for manual access.

Enhanced Security for Your Family

Above all, security is a vital concern for any homeowner. Smart locks feature robust factor authentication and encryption protocols. Therefore, making them impossible to hack by bad actors and criminals. That being said, you get military-grade technology that keeps your home secure. Enhanced security gives you real-time notifications of people entering your home and activity logs tracking movements.

Smart systems can monitor your children as they arrive and leave your home. You can even lock the door after they arrive home or set the auto lock. You can also track the movements of service providers while you are not there. For instance, get timestamped records of who accesses your home and where they enter and exit your property.

Integration with Your Home Security Systems

Smart lock systems integrate into your home security system and provide additional peace of mind knowing you have a secure, safe home for your family. Connect the smart lock to your security camera system or video doorbell to improve remote access visibility.

Additionally, you can set up your smart lock system to work through your virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, or Google Assist. Get voice-controlled access to your home from any location on the property or outside your residence. Imagine the convenience of arriving home with your arms full of groceries to say, “Siri, unlock the front door.”  – no keys required.

Affordable Upgrades and Choices in Smart Locks

Smart locks give your home an affordable upgrade making it possible for you to get improved security and enhanced convenience. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have complete control over access to your property.

There are several brands of smart locks available. Speak to a professional locksmith in your area to learn about the best options to meet your security needs and budget. If you do not have an existing deadbolt lock, you still can get a smart lock, however, It is recommended to get a wi-fi smart lock, and level lock.

Choose the best smart lock system for your devices, with full compatibility with iOS and Android devices.

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