How Do You Keep From Losing Your Keys?

Don’t think you are the only one searching for keys when you are already late, caught in the rain, or are loaded with shopping bags and need to open the car urgently. It is in these moments that it’s hard to believe there aren’t key demons that conspire against humans. Today, we can fight back in the search for lost car keys! Modern technology, along with common sense, has caught up with the problem of losing your keys and developed anti-key-loss tracking options. Some operate on Bluetooth so please consult your nearest teenager. Read on for tips on how to keep track of your keys no matter where you are.

How Do You Keep From Losing Your Keys?

Keep track

Today, there are gadgets for tracking lost items such as key chains, key fobs, handbags, and any other small item you can think of. These tracking devices connect to an app on your mobile phone and can locate the last location of your keys. When you’re in range, you will be able to send a signal to activate an alarm on the tracker to assist you in finding the lost keys. When not in range some tracking devices can simply tell the phone app the last few locations to narrow the options of where you misplaced them.

Did you lose your phone too? No problem! The app can alert other same-app users who have been given permission and they can help search for your keys. Some of these devices also link up with AI devices such as Alexa and Siri. Therefore, so you can ask the AI assistant to activate the alarm if you can’t find your keys in your home. Many of the tracking devices also come with an LED light which will light up when the alarm is set off.


Another option is to choose a designated spot for your keys. The perfect spot for keys is near the front door, but away from windows. Get into the habit of putting the keys there immediately as you walk through the door. Try to make this a routine before running off to the bathroom or dashing to the kitchen to put down groceries. It is also important to inform family members where your keys now live. If they see your keys lying around, they know where to put them for you. Consider placing the spare set of keys there as well so that you and others will know where to find those too.

Glow in the dark

Dip the handle end of your keys in fluorescent, glow-in-the-dark, bright neon paint. Not only will this make it easier to spot your keys at night, but it will also be easier to find them in the daytime as well. Consult your landlord first before painting their keys if you are renting. If you have a bunch of keys on one key chain, only dip a couple of them.

Key Pockets

More often than not, keys are lost or stolen from open pockets and handbags, not just when left on tables at the restaurant. Develop the habit of putting them into a pocket that can zip up or velcro shut, before you get out of the car. Ladies, before walking away from the car, place your keys in an inside compartment of your handbag that can zip. Although it may take a few extra seconds, it is worth it to secure your keys.

If all else fails

Use bigger, brighter rings if you continue losing your keys. Alternatively, tie a bright ribbon or string to them. Although it might be difficult to see keys tucked between couch cushions, hopefully, the string will stick out!

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