Keep Your Home Safe When You Are Away

Over a million burglaries are committed in the United States every year. Your home is your safe haven, as well as the place where you store most of your valuable possessions, so it is completely normal to worry that your home could become a crime statistic, too.

Consider this, though — just as homeowners have to complete a risk assessment and take actions to protect themselves, burglars go through this process, too. Theirs is an extremely hazardous “job”; if they get caught, burglars may not only get arrested and go to jail, but they may also face a violent confrontation with the residents of the home they sought to rob. That’s why these criminals will typically only choose the lowest-hanging fruit. They’ll go for homes with little to no security, easy entry and exit points, and properties that very much look like nobody is home.

How to Keep Your Home Safe When You Are Away?

As you consider how to keep your home safe when you are away, whether that’s for the day or for longer, you have plenty of options. Even though technological advances have certainly played a role in the fact that burglary rates have steadily been decreasing, don’t discount low-tech ways to keep your home safe, either.

Rely On Your Neighbors

Living in an area with a neighborhood watch initiative — a group of dedicated civilians who visibly patrol the area and call law enforcement the minute they spot anything suspicious — greatly reduces the risk that your home will be targeted for a burglary. If you don’t have that in place, you can still reap the benefits of retired neighbors who are always in their garden or busy families with young kids who are always coming and going.

In addition to this natural and passive deterrent, you can ask your neighbors to keep an eye on your home and to call the cops if they see anything amiss if you are going away on holiday.

Upgrade Your Hardware 

To start with the obvious, always close your windows all the way while you’re away, and lock your doors. If your entry doors and windows are older and weak, however, you may consider investing in sturdier options that cannot be broken into as easily. Even if your door is already solid, you may want to look into having your locks replaced and adding a deadbolt.

Even a finicky gate at the entrance to your yard can sometimes deter burglars, who are often in at out of the homes they target in under three minutes. On a similar note, burglars need to stay covert the entire time. If your yard is full of heavy bushes or trees, making it impossible for neighbors to see what’s going on, they are more likely to choose your property than if your windows look straight into the neighbor’s house.

Creating the Illusion That Your Home Is Protected

You know the drill — if you set your TV to play loudly on a timer, and make sure your lights are on when it’s dark out, burglars may think you’re home. You can further set some wellington boots right outside your door.

Dogs, especially big and strong dogs, certainly act as a deterrent for burglars as well. If you don’t have a dog and don’t want one, you can still put up visible signs indicating that there’s a dog on the property. Go the extra mile by leaving large water and food bowls outside, along with a few nice chew toys.

Fake security cameras and alarm system signs are other options, but burglars can often tell these apart from the real thing. Those who truly want their home to be protected can consider investing in alarm systems that automatically call law enforcement when triggered.

Add Security System

Carl Jarl Locksmiths is proud to install 2 Gig security and control systems. We provide more than just a security system.  The demand for home and business automation is growing all the time while becoming more affordable.

The ability to know and control many of the things that we use and rely on a daily basis is becoming a must-have.  Such as locks for your doors, lighting control, heating and air, and also the ability to view your home or business anytime from the same app.

Every year more and more homes and businesses disconnect from the landlines.  Carl Jarl Locksmiths Security and control systems use a strong cellar communication network that makes dedicated landlines for your security and control systems unnecessary.  This also takes away the potential risk of damaged or cut phone lines leaving your home or business vulnerable.

Carl Jarl Locksmiths in Omaha | Residential and Commercial Safe Installation and Service In Omaha More Security

Carl Jarl Locksmiths can help protect your commercial business assets by providing panic bars and exit locks, card access systems and much more. We stand behind every lock we install and provide around-the-clock service, making sure your business is always protected.

Always use the services of a trusted local Locksmith/Home Security Company. Carl Jarl Locksmiths offers products and services to make your home safe and secure. Your Security is our top priority.

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