Keyless Entry Systems: Are They Worth the Cost?

Keyless entry systems are commonplace these days, and you can expect to see them in an increasing amount of private households. High-tech keyless entry and electronic safety methods aren’t just for James Bond or Marriott anymore, as they become more affordable every year. But if you’ve ever looked at keyless entry systems, you’d know that “more affordable” just means they cost a little less.

In all reality, keyless entry systems can still be pretty expensive when you compare a keyless entry system to a regular old lock-and-key. So, are keyless entry systems worth the cost? Do keyless entry systems really provide a higher level of security when compared to their older analog counterparts?

Keyless Entry Systems: Are They Worth the Cost?

Here’s what to know about keyless entry system options, and why they could be a worthwhile option to protect your home.

The Real Cost of a Lock

If you ask yourself how much is too much to spend on a lock, imagine that the cost of your lock is equivalent to the cost of your entire home and its contents. All it takes for someone to gain access to everything you’ve built up in your home or apartment is to make their way through your front (or back) door lock system.

When weighing the pros and cons, nobody can afford to buy cheap locks or security systems. Cheaper security systems could mean that you’re leaving the door open for anyone. Having to cash in your savings money to replace stolen things is always more expensive than buying a proper lock to ensure your security.

The real cost of a lock means that you can never afford to buy just any lock.

Analog Locks Have Their Flaws

Take a second’s worth of a break from reading this article and open YouTube in another tab. Now type in the words, ‘lock picking tutorial’ and be amazed at how many results you’ll see on your screen. If you have a regular lock, you could have it unlocked in less than ten minutes by almost any person with access to the internet and a little bit of practice.

The majority of analog locks are easy to pick, and even easier to break into.

Unless you’re paying for a high-security door lock, we recommend exploring your options for a better lock.

The Danger of Keys

It’s not simply the old analog locks that are dangerous. Keys can also be just as unsafe.

Keys have individual codes printed on them, and it’s easy for someone to just pick up a duplicate of this number-coded key if they’ve ever seen what your house key looks like. Unlike keyless entry systems, physical keys can be lost, stolen, or left in places where people can find them.

Even though keyless entry systems might cost more than your traditional door locks, a keyless entry system can prevent some of the most common security issues that keys create. What’s the price on keeping your family and belongings safe?

How to Change Door Locks

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