Locks and Security Ideas for Airbnb Hosts

An Airbnb is a home, apartment, or room (in a shared space) that has been advertised to rent or book by those who are looking for accommodation in specific locations, for a short period of time. Airbnb stays are great families, couples, or individuals that are on vacation, or just need a place to stay en route to their destination. The main concern that arises for Airbnb owners and guests is the overall safety of the property. Guests must be given a key or access code to enter the property and lock it as they leave. There are multiple options of locks and security systems for the Airbnbs. However, it takes careful consideration as to what combination of security measures and locks will be best for your property as well as Airbnb guests.

Locks and Security Ideas for Airbnb Hosts

Physical Keys

A common option to provide the guests with is a set of keys to the property. A traditional lock and key are effective if Airbnb guests remember to lock the property when they are not there. The lock that you install in the front door and/or gate to the property should be of high quality for maximum security. You may also need to include a remote control for the main gate of the property if it has its own gate. This will help prevent any delay or frustration for the guests when they check-in and check out of the property.

Keypad Access

One of the biggest downsides of using physical keys is that they can be lost easily. Of course, you would not provide the main or only set of keys to the guest; you would need to make a separate set specifically for guests. Nonetheless, it can become a hassle for both you and the Airbnb guests if the keys are lost. For this reason, many Airbnb owners use easy to install keypads for keyless entry.

All you need to do is provide a code to the guest for access. The keypad will then lock and unlock the door or gate as guests come and go. An excellent benefit of using keypads is that you are able to change the code when new guests arrive. Changing the code on the keypad is easy and will make it safer in the case that it was shared with another party. If the guests forget the code, it is as easy as a message or a quick phone call to provide it to them again. This is much easier opposed to the frustrating task of searching for or replacing lost keys.

Alarm Systems

On top of using keys or keypads to lock up the property, you can also make use of alarm systems. Alarm systems are a good way of increasing the security of Airbnb properties, while also preventing damage or harm to the guests and the goods inside.

Consider placing sensors in rooms and by the main access door to the property. If someone accesses the Airbnb without authorization, the sensors will pick the movements and loud noise will scare off the intruder. All the guests will need to do is arm the alarm when they leave and disarm it when they arrive. While you can disarm an alarm with a remote, there is an option to disarm the alarm at a touchscreen keypad from inside the Airbnb.

Security Cameras

Cameras are a good additional method to increase the security of Airbnb properties. However, they shouldn’t be used as the only security measure. Security cameras can act as a deterrent for anyone with bad intentions. Security cameras allow you to visually see if any incidents occurred. In some cases, they may even allow you to see who was involved in a given situation. If there is any damage to the property after a guest’s stay, or if there is any trouble with neighbors, security cameras allow you to gather evidence. Depending on the location of the Airbnb, you may not need to invest in security cameras. Is the Airbnb stay located within an estate where there are cameras already? If so, then there is no need to install a new security camera system.

Additional Information: Use of cameras and recording devices – Airbnb Community Policy

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