Locks and Security – Where to Start?

The burglar’s selection process is simple. Choose an unoccupied home with the easiest access, the greatest amount of cover, and the best escape routes. When it comes to your home or business security: Who are doing business with? Who will you trust with the safe keeping of your families and property? Security shouldn’t be something that you take for granted. Locks and security, where to start?

Locks and Security – Where to Start?

Important reasons for changing a lock:

  • Your house has been broken into.
  • Purse was stolen, and your keys were in it.
  • Have just moved into your house.
  • Lost a key.
  • Current locks are worn and difficult to open.
  • Want to use the same key to open all the doors in your house.
  • You’ve lost track of which service people and neighbors have keys to your house.
  • Lock is builder’s grade, and you want to increase security.

More tips on Locks and security and where to start your Omaha home:

Door Locks

  • Use a solid core or metal door for all entrance points.
  • Deadbolt lock with a one-inch throw bolt.
  • Knob-in-lock set with a dead-latch mechanism.
  • Four-screw, strike plate with 3-inch screws to penetrate into a wooden door frame.
  • Use a wide-angle 160° peephole mounted no higher than 58 inches.


  • You need solid frames, well-fitting doors and windows, and strong, non-bumpable locks. If you aren’t sure how reliable yours are, talk to one of our experts.
  • Don’t leave a key hidden outside your home. Instead, ask someone you trust to hold onto an emergency key for you.

Sliding Doors

Add auxiliary patio door locks, or install screws into the track above the sliding door frame to keep the door from being lifted off the track. You can also wedge a wooden dowel in the bottom track when the door is closed and locked. This will prevent the door from being opened if a burglar manages to unlock it.


Garages are favorite targets for thieves, not only because they are often unoccupied, but because they often offer a direct and unlocked entry to the inside of the home. Always keep the garage door closed because an empty garage or a missing vehicle can alert thieves that the home is unattended. Change the factory set codes on the door’s remote control often, so thieves cannot open the door with a store bought remote.

Security Systems

Install a home security system and turn it on when you leave. 20 percent of homeowners with an alarm system who were surveyed don’t activate it during the day, even though that’s when most thefts occur.

A standard home security alarm is often a good fit for most households. These systems generally include sensors on all the entry doors, some motion activated outdoor lighting, sensors on windows that are particularly easy to access, and, most importantly, a direct link to a monitoring service. This type of home security alarm system will be an excellent deterrent for any would be intruders, and is fairly easy for a family to adapt to.

When you lose your house keys or lock your car keys inside your vehicle, the only person who can help you is an Omaha locksmith, but how do you know if you can trust your locksmith?

When it comes to your home or business security:
  • Who are doing business with?
  • Who will you trust with the safe keeping of your families and property?
Security shouldn’t be something that you take for granted.
  • Look: Company advertising and identification
  • Call:  A local qualified locksmith
  • Listen: For business name
  • Verify: Written estimates
  • Confirm: All service vehicles clearly marked with the company name
  • Check: Professional identification and credentials.
  • Refuse: If you’re uncomfortable, it is your right to refuse service.

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