Preventing Porch Pirates and Package Thieves

It’s that time of year again for package thefts! Opportunistic thieves couldn’t be more excited as they eagerly wait to see what Mail Santa will bring them this holiday season. Unlike the rest of us, they look for their presents not under the Christmas tree, but on your porch! Most package thieves prefer to avoid trouble with the law. Instead, package thieves usually skip a home if you have security measures in place. Learn what simple steps (nearly) everyone can take immediately to begin preventing porch pirates and package thieves.

Preventing Porch Pirates and Package Thieves

Additional options should you look into if you often do online shopping and regularly receive packages or major deliveries.

Low-tech porch pirate deterrents

Other than simply being home when a package is due to arrive — easier now that more of us are working from home — you also have some other low-tech “security options” for preventing porch piracy and your packages stolen.

These all involve simply making sure that your porch won’t have packages to poach.

  •  Have packages delivered to your work address.
  • Ask a trusted neighbor to accept your deliveries.
  • Have your packages dropped off at the home of a relative or friend.
  • Hold onto your packages post office until you come to pick them up.
  • Use an Amazon locker.
  • Ask your delivery company to leave your packages in a place other than your front door.
  • Require a signature for delivery

However, package thieves may scout your neighborhood for a long time. Porch pirates might watch from their car to see where delivery drivers leave packages. If the package is still accessible fairly easily, a thief can still find it!

High-tech solutions that will help keep package thieves away

 An Amazon Doorbell camera may seem slightly less appealing now that some have caught fire. However, if you trust the company, you could definitely consider Amazon Key. Amazon key allows packages to be delivered straight to your home, trunk, or garage.

Boxlock is another very cool option. This allows any mail carrier  or delivery service to place your package in a securely locked mailbox, with a padlock that will only open for packages it knows you’re expecting because it’s equipped with a smart system. Package thieves will think twice about trying to break a Boxlock open!

Finally, installing a home security camera or video doorbell is a fairly low-cost option nowadays. Many local police departments will allow you to register your home security system camera. Not only will this allow law enforcement to identify any porch pirates that do brave the risk more easily, but obviously placed wired or wireless security cameras will also go some way toward sending the message that your home isn’t an easy target.

Porch pirates might be getting more reckless, but the ways to stop them are evolving too! Remember — any steps you take to let them know they’re not welcome to your bounty will work better than none at all.

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