Re-keying vs. Replacing Locks

The Security of your home or business is your highest priority, and the locks you have on them are the first line of defense. If you have just moved into a new home or you’re not sure if your locks meet your security standards, you may want to consider changing them. Your two options are Re-Keying vs. replacing locks, and here are some things to consider before you make that decision.

Re-keying vs. Replacing Locks


Re-keying a lock is a way of trading out the cylinder tumbler with a tumbler of a different size. The change in tumblers prevents the original keys from working with the new tumbler; a locksmith will provide you with new keys to work with the new tumbler. The main benefit to re-keying your locks is cost; it is a significantly more cost effective option to re-key your locks rather than replacing them all together.

Why Re-keying?

The main benefit to re-keying your locks is cost. It is a significantly more cost effective option to re-key your locks rather than replacing them all together. This process is much cheaper than changing every lock, primarily because you don’t have to replace all the hardware. In addition, you will not have to make any cosmetic changes such as staining or painting, as there are no external changes to your doors.

Replacing Locks

If your apartment, house or business has been recently broken into it is recommended to change out the lock completely and install a brand new one it it’s place. If you have recently purchased a new home or moved into a rented one it is highly recommended to replace the lock to a completely new one to ensure it functions properly. Replacement locks will also give you the opportunity to upgrade the security level of your locks.

Why Replacing Locks?

At times, lock replacement is the only viable option to ensure the security of your property. If one or more of your door locks have been damaged it’s time to invest in new locks. If your home or business requires increased security, replacement is your only option. we always recommend changing out a lock completely if a lock has been installed on a door for a long period of time since after years of locking and unlocking the security level of a lock is naturally compromised due to normal wear and tear and continued usage.

Both re-keying vs. replacing locks have advantages and disadvantages, but both options will provide added security to your home.

Keyless Entry Products

Beyond a full re-keying, there is a third option: Keyless Entry Products. These products allow you to easily change the keypad entry combination with the push of a few buttons, allowing for self-maintenance and a cost effective option. With a digital door lock, coming and going is effortless, and keyless!

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