Signs You Need to Change Your Locks Immediately

Locks aren’t something that most homeowners or businesses think about until they have an emergency that’s related to one. When was the last time you considered the safety of your locks? After all, locks are the barrier between the outside world and your stuff, so maybe it’s time to think about it much more often. In this article, we discuss the signs that you should replace or change your locks immediately.

Signs You Need to Change Your Locks Immediately

1. Someone Moved in or Out

When someone moves in or out, even when you might trust them, a security concern arises. Should this key fall into the wrong hands, your lock becomes useless – and your television or other valuable possessions probably someone else’s. Therefore, it is a good idea to replace locks by default when moving into a new home and replace locks when someone has moved out.

It’s always the safe option.

2. It’s an Old Lock

Unlike newer locks, older locks are much easier to break and gain access to.

If your door locks are more than ten years old, then expect anyone with internet access to be able to get right into it. Look at some YouTube videos for lockpicking, just in case you don’t believe this could be true. Most standard, older locks only take a few minutes to gain access to – and that’s for a novice.

New locks aren’t foolproof, but they’re certainly designed better!

We highly recommend changing older locks to newer ones.

3. It Becomes Difficult to Unlock

A lock that becomes difficult to lock or unlock means that the lock is getting close to the end of its lifespan. Locks like this are one step away from getting stuck, which leaves you either locked in – or locked out – of your own space.

Difficult locks are ones that will, one day, just stop working. Mechanisms can fall out of locks, keys can break off, or the key can just refuse to turn in the lock due to internal damage.

When a lock starts to show any signs of trouble, that’s your cue to replace it with another one as soon as possible.

4. Signs of Rust on the Key or Lock

Everything rusts eventually, however, it’s not a good sign if you can see signs of rust on your lock or key. Rust means that there might be additional damage inside the locking mechanism – and it’s a lot like the previous point on this list. Locks that show signs of rust, can lead to locks that lock you out – or in.

Replace rusted locks, even if they’re new ones.

Remember to treat the newer lock against rust with an oil-based treatment: this can repel water from the lock in the future, and make sure that the problem doesn’t happen again when you change the locks.

How to Change Door Locks

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