The Future of Home Security & The Internet

Technology is quickly changing the way we interact with the world around us. The future of home security and Internet Of Things (IoT)  also referred to as “connected devices” and “smart devices” is a network of devices such as sensors, wireless security cameras, locks, etc. which are embedded with electronic software that enables them to collect data and take certain preprogrammed actions.

Various studies estimate that the total sum of IoT devices will reach 25-30 billion by the year 2020!

The Future of Home Security & The Internet

What does that mean for your home security system?

Modern home security systems not only focus on home security but also on home automation known as the smart home.  Some systems can integrate almost any piece of electrical equipment such as heating systems, air conditioning, garden irrigation, electric locks, CCTV, and alarm systems.

Safe & Convenient Home Security Systems

Two-thirds of Americans have smartphones. Many people no longer use landline phones. Or you might live in an area with no landline connection or where the landline connections lack reliability and security. With cellular home security, homeowners can use their home’s security system and its network of wired or wireless cameras to provide 24/7 access to entry points. You can also access these security cameras on your mobile device or computer. You can even get text messages whenever the system is armed or disarmed.

  • Systems such as Schlage Connect now work with Amazon Alexa in addition to pairing with most home automation and alarm systems. It’s easier than ever to stay connected to your home from anywhere.
  • Yale offers a lock that communicates with a home control system. Yale Real Living touchscreen and push button locks work with a variety of wireless home control or home security systems.

Smart access: Allow friends and family to get in without a key—simply by entering a code. Featuring memory for up to 30 users.

On-the-go access Lock and unlock from just about anywhere

Activity alert: Remote notification to know when someone goes in or out.

Tamper alert: Safeguard an entry door to prevent lock tampering with notifications of when the doorknob/lever is being disturbed.

Forced entry alert: Hear instant notification when a significant force pushes against the door to protect against break-ins.

Lock communications may be controlled from a variety of internet capable devices or with only a smartphone based on the home control provider’s functionality.

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