The Legend of Santa’s Magic Key

Not everybody has a chimney on the roof of their home. Many children live in apartment buildings that can be many floors high and don’t have a fireplace. Some houses don’t have a fireplace either. Santa has to find a way to put presents under the tree of children that live in homes that don’t have a chimney for him to come down. This is where the legend of Santa’s magic key comes into play.

The Legend of Santa’s Magic Key

Santa’s magic key

These days it is not safe to leave the front door of the house or apartment open for Santa to walk through. There are too many naughty pixies who are always looking to cause trouble in our homes. That is why Santa needs a magic key to your front door. Only Santa Claus knows how to use the key because it is magic. If anyone else tries to use it, it won’t open the door.

How it works

Before going to bed, hang the key on the outside of the front door. Santa will let himself into your house by using the key. When he is ready to leave, he will hang the key on the Christmas tree so you can find it, and keep it safe for next year. Each house or apartment has its own magic key.

How to make a magic key

If you would like to help Santa get into your home, here is what you need to do.

Find or make a key

Ask mom or dad if they have an old key that they don’t know what to do with. However, make sure it can’t open the front door. The key doesn’t have to be a door key. If you don’t have a real key, you can make one out of cardboard. Put a real key down on the card and draw around it with a pencil and then cut it out. Make a small hole at the top of the cardboard key.


Ask mom or dad for some paint for you to paint the key with. If you don’t have any paint, use nail polish, a sticky label, or colorful wool to wrap around it. Before painting the key be sure to put down some newspaper in case the paint or nail polish spills. Paint the first side, then let it dry before painting the other side. If you have made a cardboard key, paint it with nail polish or use your colored pencils to make it look festive.

Make a loop and a poem card

You will need some ribbon, wool or string. Pull it through the hole at the top of the key, but don’t tie the ends together just yet. The next job is to write a message or a poem on a card for Santa to welcome him to your home. The card can be the same size as a Christmas card. Use your best handwriting so Santa can read your poem or message. Decorate the card so that it looks happy and colorful. Next, make a small hole at the top of the card. Pull one end of the ribbon through the hole. Then tie the two ends of the ribbon together so that it forms a loop.

Hang the key

Just before going to bed, make sure the house and your room are tidy. Then, hang the Santa’s magic key on the outside handle of the front door by using the loop. Santa will also use the loop to hang the key on the Christmas tree when he leaves. Merry Christmas!!

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