Top Reasons To Change Your Locks

Important Reasons To Change Your Locks

Your house Has Been Broken Into One of the best ways to prevent recurrence of break-ins is to change locks anytime your house has been broken into. Chances are very high that whomever broke in still has a spare key of your house or might have taken one when they forcefully broke into your house.

Here are the top Reasons to Change Locks on House

You have just moved into your house.

This is one of the most important times to change your locks. You can never be sure that the previous resident turned over every single key ever made. It is simply not worth worrying about someone you do not know having a copy of a key to your house.

You Lost a Key

If you lose your key, you will want to consider replacing the whole locking system. If your keys have been lost or stolen, someone could use them to gain access to your home. Anytime you lose track of who has keys to your house, it’s a good time to rekey or replace the locks.

You’ve lost track of which service people and neighbors have keys to your house.

Keep track of all the keys to your home and make sure they’re in safe hands. Locking your doors is important, but up to 50 percent of burglaries involve the use of a key. Don’t hide a key outdoors in a protected spot, either. Burglars know the best hiding places better than you do.

Your current lock is builder’s grade, and you want to increase security.

When you buy a type of lock that is mass produced, the chances are very good that someone else has the key to your home. Big box retailers only carry a limited number of different keys for each brand of locks they sell. Most of us would like to know our key is the only one that fits the lock.

Your purse was stolen, and your keys were in it.

Losing keys or having them stolen is something that happens to thousands of people every day, and if you believe that your keys may have been taken, then your first priority is to contact your local police department. The next thing you need to do is to contact Carl Jarl Group Locksmiths. We offer a total range of services no matter what your situation is.

Re-key or Change Locks on House?

Re-keying and changing locking device both have their advantage. Regardless of your choice, it is best to have a highly trained locksmith to do the job. This ensures that the locking system is installed or rekeyed properly for your security.


Re-keying a lock is a way of trading out the cylinder tumbler with a tumbler of a different size. The change in tumblers prevents the original keys from working with the new tumbler; a locksmith will provide you with new keys to work with the new tumbler.

The main benefit is the average cost to re-key locks. It is a significantly more cost-effective option to re-key your locks rather than replacing them altogether.

Why Re-key

The main benefit to re-keying your locks is cost; it is a significantly more cost effective option to re-key your locks rather than replacing them all together. This process is much cheaper than changing every lock, primarily because you don’t have to replace all the hardware. In addition, you will not have to make any cosmetic changes such as staining or painting, as there are no external changes to your doors.

Lock Replacement

If your apartment, house or business has been recently broken into it is recommended to change out the lock completely and install a brand new one it it’s place. If you have recently purchased a new home or moved into a rented one it is highly recommended to replace the lock to a completely new one to ensure it functions properly. Replacement locks will also give you the opportunity to upgrade the security level of your locks.

Why Replace a Lock

At times, lock replacement is the only viable option to ensure the security of your property. If one or more of your door locks have been damaged it’s time to invest in new locks. If your home or business requires increased security, replacement is your only option. we always recommend changing out a lock completely if a lock has been installed on a door for a long period of time since after years of locking and unlocking the security level of a lock is naturally compromised due to normal wear and tear and continued usage.

Both re-keying and replacements have advantages and disadvantages, but both options will provide added security to your home.

Additional Source: How to Change Locks on a House

Find a locksmith you can trust before you need one.

  • Where are you located?
  • Do you have a storefront?
  • How will you get into the vehicle?
  • Can you tell me the exact process?
  • Do you re-key or just replace locks?
  • Can you give me an estimate? What factors will cause this price to change?
  • Do you require cash, or can I pay with a check or credit card?
  • What’s the name of the locksmith who will be coming?
  • Will the locksmith have company identification?
  • Will they come in a company marked vehicle?

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