What Locks Do Airbnb Hosts Use?

In recent years, Airbnb has surged in popularity, offering people the ability to find affordable vacation rentals all around the world. As an Airbnb host, it’s important to prioritize safety to ensure a positive experience for your guests. Locks are an important part of running an Airbnb rental as they give the host and customer some peace of mind. Here are some of the top-rated smart locks for Airbnb properties, and reasons why they are excellent choices for added security.

What Locks Do Airbnb Hosts Use?

August Smart Lock (Pro)

August is highly esteemed in the security industry, and if you’ve ever changed locks, you’re likely familiar with this brand. But are you aware that they’ve transitioned into the digital era with their innovative smart locks?

The August Smart Lock [Pro] is one of the most popular choices for Airbnb smart locks. It’s thanks to superior design, with a focus on an uncrackable lock that comes with Wi-Fi connection capabilities, a mobile app, an automatic locking function, and virtual keys for a keyless entry for your Airbnb guests.

Unlike many other smart door locks on the market, it’s not confusing to use and easy to install.

SwitchBot Smart Locks

SwitchBot has an entire range of smart locks that are perfect for the Airbnb host. Their products are also unique because they are affordable and often on sale. But there are also other great features that make this smart lock brand reliable.

SwitchBot locks are easy to install and connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for your convenience. SwitchBot smart locks are popular among Airbnb hosts because they are highly secure and designed for vault-level safety.

Yale Smart Lock

Yale is among the world’s largest security providers, offering smart locks and other security measures to some of the largest corporations in the world. They’ve also got a stellar reputation for great home security products, which includes their Yale Smart Lock.

The Yale Smart Lock has full connectivity capabilities through the Yale Access app which enables property owners to control their smart lock system and give Airbnb guests access to unlock and lock doors without the need for a physical key. The Yale Smart Lock design brings together decades of experience in security to bring you a high-tech, smart lock system for your home.

This smart lock also has a special feature for added security. If someone enters the code incorrectly more than three times, the door will stay locked for three minutes. For emergencies or intruders, this is the security feature you need in a good lock!

Wyze Smart Lock

Wyze Lock offers a convenient and secure solution for Airbnb property owners and hosts looking to enhance the guest experience while maintaining control and peace of mind.

With Wyze Lock, hosts can easily grant access to guests remotely, eliminating the need for physical keys or coordinating in-person check-ins. The lock can be controlled via a smartphone app, allowing hosts to lock and unlock the door from anywhere, receive notifications of guest access, and even set temporary, unique entry codes that automatically expire after the guest’s stay.

Wyze’s commitment to affordability and ease of use makes it an attractive option for Airbnb hosts, offering a seamless integration with their property management needs.

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