What You Should Know about Lock Picking

Lock picking is often perceived as a mysterious skill reserved for experts and secret agents in movies. However, understanding its principles can shed light on the security of our everyday lives. From debunking myths to exploring its practical applications, learning more about lock picking can provide unique insights into security, technology, and the artistry of mechanisms. Here’s what you should know about lock picking, and why it doesn’t always work the same way as in movies and television shows.

What You Should Know about Lock Picking

Everyone needs a locksmith at some point or another, whether you’ve locked your keys in your car or locked yourself out of your home. Although lock picking is often associated with committing a crime, trained and professional locksmiths use lock picking to help owners in the case of a lockout.

It’s Easier Than You Think

Lock picking is shrouded in a lot of mystery, however, this doesn’t mean that it is always difficult. A professional can sometimes open a lock in under a few minutes. Lock picking involves manipulating and applying pressure to the key pins and driver pins of a lock to align them along the shear line. A key is inserted, and pins are lifted to the correct height to pick the lock.

Picking a lock is a learned skill that takes a fine hand (and some experience). Most people can’t just pick up a kit to pick locks with and know how it works – that’s why we have locksmiths!

Lock Pick Kits

Specific tools are used for a professional locksmith to do their job properly. Lockpicker kits can be basic or advanced. These kits are often portable and contain tools like a rake used to assist in manually opening locks.

Most Locks are Easy to Pick

Except for professional quality locks, most locks are easy to pick using a lock pick set. Pin tumbler locks are popular, reliable, and easy to use; many residential and commercial settings use them. However, their security can be compromised by lock picking. Therefore, if you have pin tumbler locks, then you should consider replacing them.

Why do Locksmiths Find it Easy to Do?

Locksmiths receive training and possess the necessary experience to pick a lock. On top of the training and experience, they also have the best lock-picking tools, to do the job.

Understanding the art of lock picking requires a professional to understand the workings of driver pins and binding pins. It requires a combination of tactile sensitivity and skill. It takes knowledge to detect which pin is binding and needs manipulation.

Lock Picker Skills Aren’t Like in the Movies

Lock picking isn’t as easy as it may seem in games or movies. Usually, the hero (or villain) takes just a few seconds to break through a lock. However, movies can’t afford to waste a lot of screen time on the practice. In real life, the same lock might have taken several minutes (and a lot of patience).

While games like Splinter Cell get the skill close to right, most video games and movies give people the Hollywood version. Unfortunately, this means that you won’t learn a whole lot from watching other people do it.

Lock Picking Takes Some Time

A professional locksmith might be able to pick a lock in just a few minutes. Meanwhile, the average person might take several hours to learn how to pick a lock with a YouTube tutorial. As a result, lockpicking can take more time than you would expect, especially if you’re dealing with high-security locks.

Electronic Locks Can Be Picked

Lockpicking doesn’t just apply to manual locks such as door locks. This skill also applies to electronic or high-security locks. In this case, you will need a professional locksmith who specializes in this skill. This might look more like a combination of manual skills, as well as knowing how to hack electronics.

Locksmiths Must Register and Retain a License

There’s a legal process involved if you want to pay a locksmith to open anything.

First, locksmiths must register in most states. Second, you have to prove that you have the legal capacity to ask them to open it. That being said, the client and the locksmith are protected from any legal repercussions, and it guarantees that nobody is doing anything illegal.

Lock-picking without proper authorization is illegal.

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