Where to Hide Your Holiday Gifts: Creative and Secure Spots

One of the most cherished traditions during the holiday season is the act of gift-giving, where we express our love and appreciation for friends and family members through carefully chosen gifts. But, as much as we enjoy the act of giving, there’s a thrill in hiding those gifts. In this guide, we explore some creative and secure places to hide your holiday gifts to create an air of mystery and surprise for our loved ones this holiday season.

Where to Hide Your Holiday Gifts: Creative and Secure Spots

The holidays are right around the corner, and it’s almost time to start the seasonal shopping spree. The issue with this is that you have to hide Christmas presents somewhere. Where do you hide holiday gifts so they stay undiscovered? Here are a few ideas to help you ensure your kids are surprised on Christmas morning when they tear open their presents.

The Attic

The attic is the top space in the house for storing gifts. Kids rarely go up in the attic, especially if it’s hard to access. However, you’ll need to ensure the attic isn’t humid and there are no pests living in it that could damage the presents.

The Crawlspace or Basement

The basement and crawlspaces around the home are great places to hide small gifts. The basement can be a creepy space if it’s not finished. However, like the attic, you’ll need to keep those gifts out of reach of water sources and humidity.

The Garage

The garage is the next best bet to keep your gift stash hidden from the kids. Pack the gifts into boxes labeled kitchen items; the kids will never bat an eye at them even though the boxes may be in plain sight. You can also put them in the boxes labeled Christmas decorations after the decorating is done.

Your Office

We’re not talking about your home office. Take the gifts to work and store them in your office. Ensure you have a dedicated space with enough storage so it doesn’t detract from the professionalism of your work area. Don’t forget to bring those gifts home in time to get them under the tree on Christmas Eve.

In Your Storage Unit

If you rent a storage unit, then store the gifts there. The kids will never get into it, and you’ll have the perfect hiding space. The reason why this hack isn’t the top storage choice for the gifts is that not all families have one of these units.

In the RV

If you have an RV or boat in your driveway that the kids don’t play in, consider it a storage spot for Christmas gifts. However, the boat should have a dry area where snow and rain can’t get in and ruin the presents.

You’ll also have to consider the temperature. The last thing you want is the sun’s heat, melting everyone’s Toblerone bar before the gifts even make it under the Christmas tree.

Kids are Curious: Don’t Make This Mistake

A kid’s curiosity knows no bounds, especially when it comes to uncovering holiday treasures. This means venturing into the unlikeliest of places, such as fumbling through the dirty clothing in the laundry hamper or the depths of the underwear drawer might not be off limits.

It may seem like a good idea, but the closet is the last place in your home you should think about using to store your gifts. It’s the first thing the kids check when they get the idea to snoop around for presents. Unless your closet somehow connects to Narnia, use one of the other spots mentioned in this post.

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