Who can Program My Car Remote?

When you first got your new car, you probably thought your key fob was pretty cool. However, after a while, it kind of becomes second nature, as so many technological devices do, and you really don’t give the car remote a second thought. That is, until you put your hand in your pocket, reach into your bag, or head to the spot where you normally stash it, and discover that it isn’t there! When you realize your key fob is missing, you immediately feel your heart sink. Replacing a car remote key fob is a bit more complicated than replacing a traditional key or keyless entry remote. What makes replacing a key fob more complicated? It’s because you have to program a car remote key fob.

Who can Program My Car Remote?

If your car remote has gone missing and you need to replace it, try not to panic! Once you get a new one, find out how to program your new car remote to your vehicle.

What is a Car Remote?

A car remote is a handheld device that allows you to remotely lock, unlock, and control various functions of your vehicle, such as opening the trunk or activating the alarm system, using wireless communication technology.

Who Can Program a Car Remote

There are several individuals who can program or reprogram a key fob. The following is an overview of just some examples of the individuals who can handle this important task in the event you lose your keys and need to program a key fob replacement.


A local automotive locksmith will be able to program a key fob for your vehicle. A reputable locksmith will have the knowledge and experience that’s necessary in order to properly key fob reprogramming. In fact, not only will a reputable locksmith be able to program the device for you, but they will also be able to supply a key replacement.

Car Dealer

Depending on where you purchased your vehicle – and how long ago you purchased it – the car dealership you bought it from may be able to program your remote for you. They might be able to supply you with a new car remote, too. To find out, simply head to the dealership and inquire.

Reputable car dealerships usually have mechanics and other automotive professionals right on site, and as such, they may be able to complete the key fob programming for you.

Auto Supply Shop

Another option that you might want to consider trying is an auto supply shop. Shops like AutoZone, O’Riley Auto Parts, and any other auto part suppliers – including local mom-and-pop establishments may be able to both supply and program a keyless entry remote for your vehicle. Simply look up or head to an auto supply shop in your local area and ask if they have the ability to supply and program car key fobs.


Last but certainly not least, and probably the most reliable way to program a keyless remote for your vehicle is on your own. There are plenty of tutorials online that will provide you with detailed, step-by-step instructions that you can use to reprogram your new remote for your car.

Manufacturer Support

Contacting the car manufacturer’s customer support or visiting their official website may provide information on authorized service centers or recommended professionals who can program your car remote. They can also provide guidance on the programming process specific to your car model.

Precautions and Security

It’s important to exercise caution when programming a car remote, especially if using DIY methods or third-party services. Ensure that you’re following reputable sources and take necessary security measures to protect your car’s security system from potential vulnerabilities or unauthorized access.

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