Who Else Has a Key to your House?

Moving In?

When you move into a house or apartment, you can never be sure who else might have a key to your house. Even if the former tenants are trustworthy, they probably lent a spare key to a family member or a neighbor. These spare keys could be hanging on a hook in the neighbor’s kitchen, conveniently labeled with your address. Former house sitters, cleaning services, babysitters, or others may have keys to your home. Even if your home is brand new, the contractors and real estate agents all had access to the key. When renting an apartment or condo, speak with a landlord to ensure the locks were changed between tenants.

Who else has a key to your house?

Did You Know?

When you buy a mass produced lock, the chances are very good that someone else has the key to your home. Big box retailers only carry a limited number of different keys for each brand of locks they sell. Out of nine handle and deadbolt sets, there are only about two different keys available, meaning every other customer would have matching locks on their doors. Most of us would like to know our key is the only one that fits the lock!

Lost Your Keys?

If your keys have been lost or stolen, someone could use them to gain access to your home. Anytime you lose track of who has keys to your house, it’s a good time to re–key or replace the locks

Other Important Reasons For Changing Locks

  • Your house has been broken into.
  • Purse was stolen, and your keys were in it.You have just moved into your house.
  • Lost a key.
  • Current locks are worn and difficult to open.
  • Want to use the same key to open all the doors in your house.
  • You’ve lost track of which service people and neighbors have keys to your house.
  • Current lock is builder’s grade, and you want to increase security.

Key Apps

There are apps that are able to generate coded instructions from a photo of a key that any locksmith can read, and make a copy of your key anywhere in the world. People should be aware this technology exists and be careful of leaving keys lying around. Police recommend you treat your keys like you would your driver’s license or a credit card: Don’t leave them lying around or let anyone you don’t trust handle them

Be Safe

Safety experts say you should always separate your car key from your house key, lowering the chance of someone stealing your key’s identity. The safest solution is to invest in a lock that requires a custom key that cannot be duplicated.

Trained and Skilled

A professional locksmith does not only change locks, they also rekey them, install and check security devices like surveillance cameras, and unlock the door to your house and car if you leave your keys inside. Professional locksmiths are also well informed of the existing laws related to the job and aware of insurance policies. They do the job in a quick, efficient manner and can answer your questions. They are willing to do consultations about updating your security measures and evaluate anything that might compromise your safety.

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